* If your motto is not IC, all your actions are void.
  • For a line to be valid, it must contain three or more words.
  • The action or line must be inside either an astrix(*) or a dash(-)
  • If your character is E, D or C rank, death is up to the killer, but can be no longer then a day.
  • If your character is B, A or S rank. Death is permanent.
  • For a kill to be valid, a combo of 5 lines plus the initial must be used, for example:

-Hits you in the stomach with my rasengan- (Initial) -The chakra expands as it chews your torso up- (5 line combo) -Your internal organs are chewed up by the chakra- (5 line combo) -The body begins to shut down without the vital organs- (5 line combo) -Your chest tears up to pieces- (5 line combo) -The rasengan fades away, leaving your destroyed corpse on the ground- (5 line combo)

  • A kill can only be valid if the hit area is a realistic point, these include: Head, Brain, Heart, Jugular, Spine and Torso. Killing someone by slicing their hand with a kunai is unrealistic.
  • To KO(Knock out) someone, it requires a 4 line combo plus the initial line.
  • For a KO to be effective, the hit area must be realistic.
  • To use a jutsu, you must first roleplay doing the handsigns and moulding or transfering your chakra to the needed area. For example:

-moves my hands in the necessary hand signs- -moulding the chakra into my lungs for the fire style jutsu im preparing-

  • For a raid or attack on a village to initiated, there must be atleast 4 Ninja higher then B rank currently online in the village.

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